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Rosalinda Munoz Bio 

 Hello, my name is Rosalinda Munoz. I am grateful to get this scholarship because I want to get my floral  design associate's degree and finish all the required flower design courses. I took multiple flower design  classes and I'm currently taking the last two courses to finish school and get my associate's degree final. I  am so excited because I am about to finish and I will be able to make my dreams come true. My goal is to  have my own flower shop one day and help other students as well. It has been hard for me being in  college because my first language is Spanish. Even though I have been struggling with the English  language I have almost finished all the classes. Being a mom, wife, and student has not been easy for me.  I never gave up and now  I'm not going to give up either. My goal is to graduate and get my floral  certification and my associate's degree  My need for a scholarship/financial assistance is to be able to fully  commit myself to school and not worry about providing for my family. A scholarship would allow me to be  focused and devoted to my classes which is what I long for. I have a family of four and we love to go out  and enjoy the beach or a movie night. I have loved to hike since the pandemic started. I like to go out and  enjoy the beautiful nature that way I can keep my mind healthy because for me it has been so hard to go  through the pandemic. I am so grateful for all the support that we as students have received. My husband is a pastor of a Latin Christian church called CFC and the family goes every Wednesday and Sunday. I have been dedicated to my family ever since I had my first child but now I want the time to accomplish my academic goals. Thank you for choosing me to get the scholarship definitely, it will be very helpful.

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