• Luis Roberto Huerta-Torres

Luis Roberto Huerta-Torres 

Hello my name is Luis R. Huerta my goal is to major in Forest Hydrology, I'll be transferring to Humboldt State, I want to learn how to properly manage a polluted water bodies, and to refill aquifers, when I was a kid I used to help my uncles and grandfather in the winter to seed the corn they used to grow to feed the cattle in Jalisco, México, when I grew I started learning a little about agriculture and started hearing of the problems conventional agriculture did to the ecosystems, which as more I heard from, more I started noticing and relating them to the problems my grandfather and uncle had, no water, all the money goes to agricultural products. I hope one day I will be able to help them.

In high school I got to an agricultural class, which helped me go through difficult times, it was like therapy for me working at the farm. Now days I've been volunteering for native gardens, such as Binacional Park (friendship park) and been going to other places just to learn more about native plants, the more I learn from them, the more I appreciate them, and also I notice how the devastation of this plants are some of the main reason common problems happened in Tijuana, such as erosion, pollution and lost of biodiversity and fresh air!I hope one day there's more culture of green places as I fear that the little green areas my city has, will be converted into real estate tycoons.

Nowadays I spend most of my time at my Garden, well now not as often as I do because I'm just waiting for most of my plants to seed, so I can harvest, but I love to at least sit around and see the birds and bees flying around.

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